Advance Stock Pattern Software - ASPS

I got a chance to try Advance Stock Pattern Software - ASPS (available from h77p:// What they have is a 30-day trial that is fully functional but you need to register in to the community to use it. Once the trial is over, you can win points that will extend your software validity in some proportion to your contribution to the community.

From what I could check the software does a fairly good job in recognizing basic chart patterns including Gartley-Butterfly, Tech Indicators, Breakout and draws them on its own with the signals. For us novices, it shows pretty nicely how patterns emerge.

It fetched the historical quotes from Yahoo in a second and worked well.

Pls try out if you want and it will be nice if you could mention I referred you to it, so that I can benefit from the extension in validity of the software (it is really not necessary for you to do so, but will be nice if you do :).

P.S. I am in no way related to this company. I was searching the Internet for tutorials on Gartley 222 Patterns and landed on this site.

Cheers!! :D

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