Adavnced cource on how to Trade .

Some of my rules to successful trading

1. Enter stocks which are loosing momemtum and look to enter on reversal.
2. Always have a point where you will close the position if in loss.
3. Always trade the trend, and exit only after the trend reversed.
I will post some my thoughts on trading and end it with a live trade. If anyone has any queries pls post, i will try to reply .

- Market analysis and Trading is completely diff , where as there are thousands of analysis tools which can be learnt easily, trading the same plan is difficult and needs some psychological changes in that person.
- Markets are like a pendulum , it keeps swinging from one end to another, a trader needs to enter only at one extreme and exit at another extreme , trying to nibble in between leads to looses.
-have patience for the market to setup ,and then have patience to hold positions until the selling time arrives.
-Rome was not built in a day, expecting to take big profits in a small time limits is illogical, but most still try to do it.
-The amt of money you take is DIRECTLY PROPORTIONAL to your capabilities to allow markets to go against you.


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