ActiveX Chart Control for Neely EW

I'm trying to create a trading system using the rules in Neely's book (mastering EW), and have started to do so using VC++. I use a demo version of ELChart, but find it severely restricting.

Does anyone know of any good ActiveX Chart Control that I can embed and use. The Windows Chart control seems good and it is free; but the drawback is that it doesn't contain too much documentation and the learning curve might be pretty steep - time that could better go in learning TA.

A free control would be best, but I don't mind something that is nominally costing (max. $50).

Your inputs would be appreciated.

dear rsdsouza

simply google it....
you will get a lot n from them you can select the best one both free or paid
i use chartdirector....
pm me will send you the download link

have a nice day