about yellow metal


............did yellow metal is affordable or not this is a very big question for every small investors.i think gold will consolidate around 540$ i recommend that strong resistance is 568.30$.break of above this level will fetch 575$ as a psychological factor.If once it touches this skylimit level we assure that there is a absolute fall!Though all eyes are set on jan 31 for fed news though as they said that interest rates will be hike i feel there is a slight slide in gold.
Happy trading with good profits.
hi friends,
again bullionbears came to give valuable tips to you. yes this time alsothe soame gold we take into consideration as we mentioned earlier it should come down after touching a psychological high of 575$ it came down. we thand for the traders who tood a position and made a good progit now join with us another profit taking tip is ready for the investors .

golr the king of the bullion came 20$ down with in a day and now consolidating for the low so invcestors bewre dont go long now this is the time u have to go a short at $565 or $560 and cover it in the $540 because good support is seen at $535.if it breaks the 535 then further u can go short unless it hits u should wait and watch the market .

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