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You deserve it Alex....
all people close to you can see the hardwork & dedication you put in for your posts... not to forget about your unearthly timings of posts
and u have not only added on to your co-members' knowledge but also respected their style (and some times, adopted their style)


PS: hope you get married soon.... atleast those 4am posts will stop... good for your health
thanks for the cute msg friend....
well....getting married late must read as 'postponing the days of adjustments in ur precious life' :D
HI saziya124
I have done an research for u
probably is you asking how to increase or how people give a "Green color" mark to you for yours reputation

this is how !

when u see a post like below and u see a "red" triangle on right top ,next to it there's a scale somthings like that below ,

when people press this , then can give appreciation & comment to you ,

if is positive then u got 1 green reputiaon points which will mark on any of yours post , I guess hope will help u !

If u find information is useful pls give reputaion to me thks , lol !
Thank you as I found out how to reply in this forum, and also how to get greens here.

Its good .....................

B. L

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