abhibhatta54:- Entering surrealism::Analogy with speculation//investing

What do you think about my methods--more importantly the evolution??

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Hello fellow Brothers-In-Arms,

I would, before beginning, humbly request the readers to keep their patience with me since I think this "Introduction" is long . But , I am confident that it will appeal to the astute trader//investor...
I believe the very act of introduction is reactive and hence suffers from the fundamental flaw of being (for lack of a better word) ostentatious.....
However since all of us are living in defined boundaries ( one of the prime reasons being the conditionining imparted due to existential conditions ) we have to be part of the system to probably change it....( a much cliched statement whose efficacy is quite proven)...

Now , coming to the focal point by asking a simple question... Who am I (in context of the financial markets) ??

The markets bring about reflections of the great works of the Surrealists like
Salvador Dali , Juan Miro....

In fact playing " The Great Game" i.e sitting in front of the monitor and trying to outsmart the infinite number of players, every one of them probably in a quantum state of buying and selling financial instruments ,is kind of an absurdity, where one cannot even know one's adversary except as an abstract concept----The Market...

Hence the next logical question that arises is:- How to play the Game and come out with a fistfull// a tonne of money :-- the primary and primitive (effective nevertheless) metric by which most of society tries to value Nature (humans included)...

Sorry for the digression , but this was needed to answer my question...I can only attempt (to a limited extent) to answer by giving a brief about my pedagogy (and it's evolution) about the tools , knowledge required to know to Play the Game profitably.... I became interested in the stockmarkets (when Badla was in vogue ) back in my 10//11th standard... I was drawn towards Value Investing by the classic books on the subject by Ben Graham and Dodd...I would not be speaking the truth , if I said that I understood all of their methods (which needs a strong background in Financial Accounting and Valuation) which I being a student of science did not possess, at that time...But the job was made much easier by the simple books of Peter Lynch. Due to tremendous amount of asymmetry present at that time regarding financial statements of companies , it was natural, but to gravitate towards Technical Analysis.
I tried to learn about Technical Analysis as best as I could . The sublime books by Edwards & Magee , Steve Nison ( Japanese Candlestick Charting Techniques) , Martin Pring , Dr Alexander Elder and others particularly Reminiscences of A Stock Operator by Lefevre (about Jesse Livermore) contributed immensely to my journey...Also the popular charting software---Metastock was of great help..
This invariably drew me away from the path of Warren Buffet...

After completing my Engineering in Computer Science and a executive program in Management , I started to appreciate Value investing...

The introduction of derivatives, Etfs, currency futures created a paradigm shift in the markets..

One can make out that it is almost a decade now that I have been directly and indirectly connected to the markets...

With derivatives I have started learning about
Quantitative Finance ( an interdisciplinary subject encompassing Theoritical Physics particularly Quantum mechanics , Computer Science--Algorithms and Theory of Computation , Mathematics encompassing Probability distributions , optimization techniques--- to name but a few)[/COLOR]
My aspiration is to develop//implement option trading strageies using MathLab and also optimum portfolio mix. Modelling of systems trading is also in my agenda... Currently my focus is to grasp and synthesize the finer points of Value Investing and Technical Analysis and apply it effectively in speculation and also in investing. Macro & Micro Economics is in a integral part of the system of knowledge.... I re-iterate, thank you all for reading my thoughts patiently...
Dear vinitcnb,

Thanks a lot for readig through my introductory post:-- and aslo am honoured to have your suggestion...
Although I have not yet visited your recommended site , at a very intuitive level (by looking at the name itself) I would humbly state that I am not a beginner....I am in on a journey to understand the non-linear, inefficient dynamical nature of the Markets.

Initially I am trying to temper and finetune the tools provided by Fundamental Analysis and Technical Analysis for Profit maximization.

I have just started publishing a analytical report from 11th Jan 2010 called the Market Advisory Report Vol-1,Issue-1

If you would kindly take some time out from your schedule I would request you to take a look at the MAR and send me your valuable suggestions and insight....

I would definitely visit your recommended site and try to get as many inputs as possible...and get back to you...

Thanking You
With Warm Regards

My E-mail id : [email protected]
We would love to have your valuable inputs in the forum. If you could publish your report here or upload it on a site like 4shared.com anyone interested could download it.
Wish you all the best
Dear rakmath,

It is quite encouraging to have your feedback on my introduction....
I will surely endeavour to give my inputs based on limited knowledge I have and it would be certainly magical to share inputs among all the members of the forum.....In fact I conceptualize this process as having the same facets and benefits of Network Theory as applicable in Micro-Economics....
Let me extrapolate the above point , specially forums such as these which are dedicated towards the dessimination of information and most importantly knowledge about the tools and techniques available for making a speculator//investor smarter and better equipped to deal with non-linear nature of the markets enable the new entrant and hence also the previous members of the forum to gain positive marginal value than what was previously available....
I have uploaded my Market Advisory Report Vol-1, Issue-1 in 4 shared.com...

Please check the link below.

This report is little old since it tries to analyze the movement of the Nifty50-1(Jan futures) and a future (asset base being a stock--YesBank) YesBank-1 (Jan futures)...The report in fact tries to identify a short selling oppurtunity and trigger point for YesBank-1... The objectives and architecture including evolution of the methodology is mentioned in the first 2 pages....

For now, analysis has been done purely on Technical analysis but as one will find in the report MAR will venture into the usage of other methods also in due course...

Thanking You

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