AAFX Trading 1:2000 leverage. Does it really work? Reviews?

I can't say I've never considered this path. I think each one of us did at some point :)
But I think investing requires a lot of patience and I'm not ready to spend couple hours a day meditating to control the urge to interfere in once taken investment decisions.
Moreover, the leverage is not that big forstocks at AAFX. YOu can't really get 1:2000 for stocks.
They've got 1:2000 for currencies trading only. Stocks have got a 10% margin requirement, so the max leverage is 1:10. There is no point investing with only $250 on account this way. It's like buying $2500 worth of stocks and that's the max, so you can't sit out any major drawdowns using the max leverage.
Well, that's about one share of google that you can hold using $250 account :)
Sounds too little, yet if the info that they charge no overnight fees and actually nothing but spread - if that's 100% true this makes it not a bad investment opportunity in general.

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