A view on commodities


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Seems Gap was only trap the shorts. Booked profit. Seems NG may crack as well (presently +2%)

Silver is my today's favourite, chandi... :D

Gap filled, and we are out, chandi... Will do it again. ;)

Dax Devil

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OMG just saw copper broke 315. I missed the short by a couple of points when it spiked to 342.60 last week. Nickel got missed a week before that by just 65 paisa. Well...


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NG is repeating a pattern (4H chart) i.e sell off from high. Booked profit.

You know silver is hanging on 33000 level for more than year. If broken, believe me, they will stop extracting silver the way glencore did with zinc.

BTW, DSM, careful with NG. Above 153 it is, and the move will be cloudy.

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