A trader must practice Yoga


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A trader should practice Yoga!
Yoga means the union with the univ ersal force or energy.Your inner core is built up with that single force.It is
that force you are spending for every day as thought energy ,physical energy and even for the sexual activities.
You are spending that energy and accumulating that the same one.
Trading is a dificult task .It will burn your recervoir of soul energy.The happenings in the day trading will exhuast
this reservior.You can't do day trading for a long time unless you know how to replace the out going thought energy.No trading strategies is
enough powerful to prevent loss of money and more impotantly the human vitrality .
You need to recharge your body with the vital force every day in order to survive in this job.Otherwise the more talented and energetic
persones will take your money from your account.So in a sense this vital force is the root cause of making moneny and lossing money.
The recharge process: There are many methods.Out of which the most effective way is the Meditation.
One should sit for meditation in the early morning .Meditation may happen or not.But defenetly you will experience the flow of energy
after siting for meditation.The whole the system of meditation is the energy caapturing one.Even though you do it carelesly you will benefit from it.
Meditation is essentialy deconcentration.But to reach that state is difficult.As i said early the method itself is revitalising
you better concentrate on the method and not for the thoughtless stage.it may come or not.Do not worry about it.What you want is the free enegy.
It will getin plenty if you sit in the morning for meditation for some time.
Thank you Syam7 for pointing me to the right direction. I am full time trader and mostly intra day trader. As we all know Day trading is a difficult task if your mind and emotions are not in control. I have a reasonable system to trade but some times i am entering into impulsive trades,which is the root cause of trading performance deterioration. How much the preparation before the start of the trading day, i used to lose control on some occasions in the middle of the trading session.
I am doing brisk walk and exercise, to keep my body healthy and active. But could not achieve control over mind.
Then one day i have attended Happiness program by the Art of Living and learned Sudarshan Kriya , a breathing technique which helped me gain control over mind and emotions.
And after this experience, i can tell it makes a sea of difference to trading performance and control over mind and emotions after practicing Sudarshan kriya....
Any body serious about Trading performance and general well being should practice yoga&Meditation and take seriously this part of preparation of Trading before trading session begins:clapping:
Zen yoga recommends to reduce the intake of food.Defenitely one can live more healthy,
if he can avoid food during the night.Night is for rest and procreation and not for eating.Living
in the nature's way is the only path to the true happiness.Happiness means the wellbeings both mental and physical
and not the momentary sensual pleasures.
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According to the Vedas, there are seven realms or spheres or planes of existence, each more spiritually advanced than the previous one. It is written that through spiritual awareness and development, we can progressively move through these realms and ultimately merge with the Supreme Being. Many Buddhist teachings have also referred to these seven realms.

By chanting this mantra, Divine spiritual light and power is infused in each of our seven chakras and connects them to these seven great spiritual realms of existence

The sages of ancient times selected the words of the Gayatri carefully and arranged them so that they not only convey meaning but also create very specific vibrations and powers of righteous wisdom through their utterance. Hindu Vedic scriptures describe how many of these sages accumulated tremendous spiritual powers through years of deep meditation and the chanting of the Gayatri – these spiritual powers are called Siddhi.

It is said that these Gayatri Sadhaka (spiritual seeker) begin to feel the presence of divine power in the inner self which induces immense strength and peace of mind.

According to the late Pandit Shri Ram Sharma Acharya, "The rishis and sages of the Vedic Age had experienced and experimented on the enormous extrasensory energy pools – the chakras, upachakras, granthis, koshas, matakas, upayatikas and nadis, hidden in the subtle cores in the endocrine glands, nerve bundles and ganglions. It is said that the activation of these rekindles rare virtuous talents and supernormal potential.

Scientists, meta-physicists, spiritual practitioners and others are studying and rediscovering these ancient approaches towards self-realization.

The secret of the supernatural impact of Gayatri Mantra in the physical domains of life lies in the unique configuration of the specific syllables of the mantra. The cyclic enunciation of this mantra stimulates the subliminal power centers in the subtle body. The pressure on tongue, lips, vocal cord, palate and the connecting regions in the brain generated by continuous enunciation of the twenty-four special syllables of the Gayatri Mantra creates a resonance (or a vibration) in the nerves and the ‘threads’ of the subtle body. The musical flow thus induced titillates the extrasensory energy centers. The latter begin to stimulate and a sublime magnetic force arouses in the Sadhaka that attracts the vital currents of Gayatri Shakti immanent in the infinite domains. This magnetic charge induced by the continuous repetition of the Gayatri Mantra ‘attunes’ the seeker’s mind to link with these supernatural power-currents."

It is significant that the prolonged repetition of the Gayatri has a cumulative effect on our bodies and our minds. Our minds are sharper, our immune system is stronger, and our hearts are open. When our energy centers, including our main Chakras, are activated by the vibrations of the Gayatri mantra, this has a positive and healing effect on our life force energy – on our Prana.
Chanting gayatri mantra will open new channels in our substle body,thus increasing the overall energy flowing.it will also destroy the previous or
this birth's sins gradually.Gayatry montra is the most important montra after OM.
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