A Newbie's Long-term picks. Need your opinions

Have picked out some stocks with a view to earn some returns in the long term... long term here meaning about one year.

Please give your oinions and advice.
My research involves mostly valuation and prospects.

1. Tata Motors


3. Power Grid

4. Yes Bank

5. Coal India

I'm wondering about the IT sector also, in the wake of the DIGITAL INDIA campaign, but am having trouble picking out stocks. Can someone help me with that?


New Member
Hello Member,

Yesterday nifty rallied for the second consecutive session and summed up the day at above 8200 mark, nifty touched this mark for the first time since 21 august due to the support of banking & financial, metal , crude oil stocks. And its expected that bullish behavior of the market will continue.
SBI and L&T were among the leading stocks.
Reliance has beaten the targets , for Q2 it showed profits above 4% with GRM of 7 year high.
Apart from above these ICICI, HDFC , AXIS are few stocks you can look forward to.

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