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Most serials on TV continue in Hindi. Most people in the popular program your stocks on CNBC also speak in Hindi. Udyan Mukherjee who now appears on each and every show has been forced to express himself in Hindi it seems and sometimes he sounds as cute as he expresses himself in Hindi. Talking of cuteness, just look at some of the hindi translations:-

Table Tennis- Upar batti niche table le fataafat de fataafat

Bus Pas Atra-Tatra sarvatra yatra patra

Railway Signal- Lohpatgamini aavat jaavat disha suchak Kendra

At this rate, we can have a royal guessing game trying to figure out what to call many of the fancy indicators in Technical analysis. It would be both hilarious and long lasting.

Jokes apart, one cant help wondering what the membership of Traderji had been had it been in Hindi. All major magazines have had to produce their Hindi avatars. Speaking for myself, I hate writing in Hindi.

Pyaare Traderji
Hindi bolne lagaa hai Udyan Mukherjee
Hindustan main hindi hai farzi( Compulsory)
Nahin chalegi isme hammari Marzi (Wishes)
Nahin Chalegi isme hammari Khudgarzi (Selfishness)
Hindi me bhi aapko lagaani padegi Energy
Kabhi na kabhi iski deni padegi arzee(application)


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In case anybody is interested, I forgot to post this on top of the above article. For those who may want to read it:-

Today, in the Times of India, former P&G managing director Gurcharan das was explaining how China was trying to catch up with India in in English Literacy by around 2008(to compete for business process outsourcing) and Japan was finding it difficult to learn English despite trying for 150 years before of the deeply ingrained work culture. He even mentioned that NIIT top boss admitted that it was more difficult to teach English than programming.
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