A good trader from hongkong

I arm from Hongkong , and have been trading for six years
I have a team now, and have stable earnings every month
I want to find a suitable broker for my teamer, I hope someone can help me
Or broker (agent) who can be directly cooperate with me
If you are a day trader, then we can help each other
you help me to find a suitable broker or provide broke’s contact information for me , then I teach you how to trade and tell you our trade strategy.
our profitability is absolutely beyond your imagination
my skype ID : andyzoujianming
I am a honest person, if you are a racketeer ,then pass away
Thank you very much !
He said he will find the best broker for you.
Tell him what you expect from broker.
thank you very much for your reply ,but so sorry , i am not very good at english , would you said it in a easy way ?


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