A Few Qs. In T.A. for development

Hello Seniors and Knowledgables,
I have a query---which answered-----with certainity will help me in Algorithm development:
WHat will be the significance for the following changes:(Price Trend Up,Price Trend Down,Buying Pressure, Selling Pressure,Favourable buy,Favourable sell,Possible/Impossible,No Trade
1) If %PriceChange -> +ve,%Volume Change->+ve---
2) If %PriceChange -> -ve,%Volume Change->+ve---
3) If %PriceChange -> +ve,%Volume Change->-ve---
4) If %PriceChange -> -ve,%Volume Change->-ve---
5) If %PriceChange -> 0,%Volume Change->+ve---
6) If %PriceChange -> 0,%Volume Change->-ve---
7) If %PriceChange -> 0,%Volume Change->0---
8) If %PriceChange -> +ve,%Volume Change->0---
9) If %PriceChange -> -ve,%Volume Change->0---

Will the ratio of %PriceChange to %VolumeChange have any significance?
I know various other factors r necessary for the sustanance of the above conclusions---but ---I would like to have answers on the basic of this sole consideration----
Hello Traderji andother knowledgables---
If I could get a response from u---I will be obliged--Also If u can suggest ---which r the most used price---volume indicator----along with some more fascinating idea----(something that may have been overlooked til date)--I will try to incorporrate it---for my humble try---to make a trading system---
Hello Joy,
How do u do? Sir, I was not able to get that right... Can you post the question once again with clear details? Let me tell you what I know...

Happy Trading !

With Regards,
--- Jin ---


Well-Known Member
Dear joy_mitali,

Your question was about price change and volume change. If you mean changes over the previous day's values, it may bring in inconsistent results. So you may consider today's closing price change over the short-term (say 3 days) closing price moving average. Similarly volumes also.

Hope you will agree.

Hello Tariq Ali,
Thanks from the core of my heart---for the priceless link----If u have some more such links---and if u give the links here----I think---not only I---but many in the forum will be obliged--
Thanks Murty---Do chk ur MAilbox---PLZ---
May be you can look for corelation between PriceChange and Volume Change. If there is any amount of correlation(either +ve or -ve) between them, then %PriceChange to %VolumeChange may have significance

Just my 2 cents

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