A brief study on nifty options for intraday

This study was helpfull to me to decide whether to go for a BUY or SELL in intraday .

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Dear buntiji,
For only use market orders fire into broker why need this paid app?
you can use option chain of broker terminal and enter trade from there
Hi VJAY, thanks for the suggestion:).

However the sole reason to go algo is to reduce the distraction of watching two screens and the execution time.
My strategy is running in amibroker(Trial version) and to some extent i know coding and can make few changes in code as per requirement.

Yes I will be using market orders only but through Amibroker via algo terminal (Hoping for less execution time). here I am doing manual trading only.

From cost point of view. Algomojo is offering lifetime free api if we open account through referral. also Fyers are not charging for their API. If i compare COSTS, the difference coming is brokerage. SASONLINE was charging 9rs per order and FYERS is charging 20 rs per order.

So lets trade less and try to be profitable(Survive in my newbie case:p) instead of overtrading:)


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Done with Module installation from Algomojo, just had small query for change in module with them and again i have to face that Lame Lady call representative. To my surprise on asking a query she disconnected the call, so I have to call again and then she told that i will receive the callback from their Backend team.

But all in all their execution speed is ultrafast, orders are getting placed less than sec. I don t have to get distracted anymore.
Now its time to start.....:)


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An observation of SPOT vs Nifty option strike on 5 min TF

SPOT - candle entry time 11:55 and EXIT time 12:05 as per SPOT


what happened on premium on same time, on SPOT its a profitable trade with 5 PTS. with FYERS my breakeven is coming @2PTS in premium with 1 LOT.

check 3 strike ITM 20300PE - candle entry time 11:55 @141 - candle exit time 12:05 @138 - showing 3 PTS LOSS in premium.........
if we consider SL is low of entry candle then entry - entry candle = 6PTS in premium.


check 7-8 strike ITM 20500PE - candle entry time 11:55 @314 - candle exit time 12:05 @310 - showing 4PTS LOSS in premium. if we consider SL is low of entry candle then entry - entry candle = 10 PTS in premium.




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This single candle made move of more than 20 PTS on SPOT.


7-8 strike ITM moved 25 PTS


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