63 moons could be ready for lift off


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Today is the day when PC and his bureaucrat cronies have to respond to the ₹10,000 crore lawsuit against them by 63 moons. And judge has clearly warned them - no further delays.

It seems like this might be a positive for 63 moons for following reasons.

- recent court cases have been going in their favor

- SC has already made some adverse remarks against the bureaucrats, in earlier rulings.

- they haven’t responded to 2 notices to file their side of the story - which typically indicates weakness.

- many procedural lapses, including misplaced documents, minutes of meetings, failure to proceed against brokers, etc.

- While it is still a big jump from what has happened to proving malafide intent and vendetta driven actions, that isn’t really needed for 63 moons. That is necessary to win a huge award - which anyway may not be enforceable. But if court rules in favor of 63 moons on any of these points, that might be enough for the stock to pop.

Usually, when companies have been knocked this much down, they don’t stand a chance to come back. They just die. 63 moons has fought valiantly for 6 years, and has won one judgement after another in its favor.

And if you care, Jignesh Shah’s astrological fortunes are about to shift into a major positive in next couple of weeks.

Could be interesting times to be in 63 moons!

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