5Paisa=Aao Hazoor tumko sitaron pe le chalun!! Hick hick hick!

Usual and old probe with 5paisa is this and I would like to know if some of you is experencing the same or not.
when market dips in first 10 mins my connection of Odin lose and this is happening with most of users,Others who use TT or TT05 also find quotes slow or not updating.Perhaps 5paisa people feel that their customers are dumbo and don't know what they are(5P)doing .when market is weak and you being told from their helpdesk that they have restarted the server and probe will resolve in 30 minutes..understand that this probe is intentionally done by them and they don't want to you to take fresh long positions in such cases!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Perhaps 5paisa is THE ONLY ONLINE BROKER WHO KNOWS WHERE MARKET IS HEADING UPTO!My one line message to them is don't think that we are dumbo,we know what you are doing and if such things you will adopt again and again as your usual dirty practise most of your users will say bye bye to you.:cool: :p

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