55 days Trading Challenge - (Rs 1,000 to 5 Lakhs)


MCX & Intraday Trade Only

I am working guy so in evening or night time, i trade only, with very small capital and in very slow movement and try to achieve my

Last 55 days to year end Challenge

Target 1 - 10,000
Target 2 - 50,000
Target 3 - 1 Lakh
Target 4 - 5 Lakh

i posted here daily my profit and loss screen shot and how much brokerage + taxes cut so get final profit.

below i share daily profit loss excel sheet screen shot...


All the best to you.

We would prefer you to post your trading logic/charts too, rather than the results.
thanks :)

My logic for this challenge is:

1) Scalping
2) Time frame 15min or 1hrs
3) Don't take too much trade, maximum 3-5 trade a day, whether in the end profit or loss.
4) Lots size mostly one only.
5) Chart i use mt4.
6) All my trade in Cover order or MIS, mostly cover order.
7) Brokerage i use Wisdom Capital & FTC Trade, where get 15x to 30x margin in mcx. (crude mini i get in 250rs) like other segment.
8) Last & imp point, try to achieve my daily target.
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Wisdom Capital - Margin

Crude Mini = 350rs - Cover Order
Silver MIC = 350rs - Cover Order
Copper Mini = 550rs - Cover Order

Wisdom Capital - Approximately per lot brokerage + taxes ...
Crude Mini = 18-20rs
Silver MIC = 18-20rs
Copper Mini = 65-70rs

Currently i invest Rs.1,000, so mainly deal in these three segment but one at a time only. when amount increase i will update more segment and there brokerage + taxes and margin.


MM is the holy grail
very nice sameer bhai.:up:
Everybody thinks how I can add brokerage and taxes, so let it be clear so no doubt in mind.

As script market price change taxes are changes, but the main difference in brokerage. The taxes I calculated as per I saw in daily statement sheet when next day came, and for brokerage these small segments by default take 50-80rs.

As per my sheet calculation, I added extra Brokerage in my sheet, so at-least nothing was deducted tomorrow.

Now onward, every Monday i will update all my difference in account balance and my sheet balance, and post account balance screen shot. So everything in clear synch.

Now onward i do;

1) Daily P/L - Statement sheet
2) Daily P/L - Screen Shot

3) Next day - brokerage + taxes - screen shoot

4) Every Monday - Level accounts balance to sheet balance with screen shot. If any difference add or subtract to same day onward. So every day synch contiune.

Below i share Brokerage and taxes sheet... of yesterday trade
ScreenHunter_10 Oct. 17 07.41.jpg

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