45° trending stocks.......is a scanner possible

Heard a lot about the strength of the stocks that are trending particularly in 45° angle either it is in upward or downward direction but I have'nt came across any such AFL or any such Scanner...........is it possible to code it........or if anyone has already got it can u please share it.
Find the degree factors for angle 45 =45/180
calculate the price range=(if nifty is at 8688 daily volatility is 0.55 then price range = 8688*0.55/100)
use this formula to find price action is above or below 45 degree
calculate in excel
power(sqrt(price range)+ degree factor,2)=A (let us assume) and then calculate
opening price+ (A)* with degree factor= v
when the price is trading above(V)we can consider the stock is above 45 degree or below
Apply this formula in excell and select maximum no of stocks in market watch(nest.odin.etc) give link to excel
In excell apply condition if the price is trading above the calculated value (v)give buy signal or below give sell signal. I hope it is enough to understand


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From where do you get the Daily volatility for Nifty? Can you please give a specific example of any current trading day... thanks..

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