3-15 EMA, 3-15+RSEX Strategy for Positional Traders

I'm copying this over from the Swing section cause this is primarily a positional strategy:


I came across a strategy where you use 3, 15 EOD EMA crossovers to get into Positional Trades. From backtest, there has been only one fake crossover till now and the system generated a buy on 16-March when Nifty was at 2687. Now, it has generated a Sell on 17-June when Nifty was at 4374!!!

There were a lot of small crossovers during the rangebound phase of November 08 -> March 09, but this strategy still earned atleast returns of 100 pts or so on Nifty during any trade.

Experts, please comment. I have a day Job, so find this a perfect fit for my needs!!!

The whole article explaining this strategy can be read at http://www.tradewithhunter.com/knowledge-base/14-shs-315-strategy-positional-trades

Another variant is to combine Weekly RSI+RSI EMA with this as an oscillator...This indicator is called RSEX on icharts. I go in for a trade when Weekly RSEX and EOD 315 Align. Again the strategy is courtesy Stockhunter from icharts forums. His website is http://www.tradewithhunter.com/.

A lot of information on RSEX is available in the icharts forums in this thread : http://www.icharts.in/forum/rsex-strategy-posted-on-popular-demand-t1358.html


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is there any website where I can get screener about such rsex crossover?


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it can b dangerous 2 rely on single strategy evry time....a strategy which seems working this rally may fail in other one....:)
But buddy if it backtested over a period of 4-5 yrs
and if it is consistently giving good returns
than i think it will work in future also wht u say

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