2h Intraday Scanner

Hello. I am currently trading BNF using 1h 2h and Daily charts on Zerodha. Looking to add more derivatives in 1h and 2h strategy but unable to do this manually.

Is there any software which i can use in real time to create an auto scanner for every two hours which would automatically show that a setup has been triggered based on a few criterias?


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first you have to define your 1hour & 2 hour "derivative"strategy.......
Long or short just BN futures ? or
Sell ATM call /sell ATM put ; buy ATM CALL/BUY ATM PUT
so many ways to skin the cat .

since you are in zerodha (which has too much restictions on OTM option strikes) , I guess you are trading staright BN futures not options.
Before going for any paid software
you can infer/guess your entry /exit based on
A. zerodha volume bar char+CPR+ 1st,2nd,3rd AVWAP deviations or
B.trading view charts. (free)

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