26-Jul-2006 MACD-Positive CrossOver


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inxsofme said:
Hey tanewbie,

U R true a picture is worth thousand words, n that looks pretty goood. Can u plz share the afl for that. I hope u will.

Gaurav I do not know what AFL has been use but if you are looking for automatic trend lines and automatic Feb levels it is available in the AFL Library.
ping_manoj said:
Thank you so much. So I'll buy some stock of BEML will let the forum know what happened to the trade.

Thanks again:)

Heres the update, BEML Bought at 824 on 27-Jul-2006 touched 954 on 28-Jul-2006. I am still holding, my target is 1050, though my system tells me that the target is 1172, but that is because its is trying ot predict the target based on the current speed of its trend. Once the speed slows down and the target and the actual price crossover I'll sell. Will keep posted when it happens.

Cheers and Thanks.
Hi tanewbie,

I am very thankful to you for ab that you provided, plz do one more favour this afl looks good plz. post it. It'll be very kind of you.

Best Wishes

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