15 Feb 2006.

saroj.rath said:

Buy JINDAL STAIN today(forenoon).
Hi Saroj,

At what price?Intraday or short term?Intermed term or long term?If intraday to med term,based on fundamentals,or technicals?If so,stop loss price?Any target in sight?

Wouldn't all of the above info be very helpful to all your fellow members.

Looking forward to your posts.......with the above,the next time.

Re: 16 Feb 2006


When a specific time for trade on a particular day is mentioned by me, it implies that the trade is to be done at the prevailing Market Price, which will be equal to the Last Traded Price (LTP) as corrected by the rise or fall due to the delay in your order being traded. :)

In the online trading software of Kotak Securities Ltd, the retail trader is required to fill in the numerical value of zero in the price-field for trading at the Market Price. It is then called a Market Order.


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