10 psychological rules for traders from Mark Douglas


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Besides the well known rules for trading (Trade with the trend, Cut your losses, let profits run, etc.) these are the principals not much discussed, but that will improve trading :

1. Be rigid with rules, flexible with targets.

2. Focus on opportunities that provide an edge.

3. Trade free of expectations of being right or wrong.

4. Synchronise your mind to the truth of the market.

5. Beleive in uncertanity (The market can do anything)

6. Be flexible so as to perceive with the greatest degree of clarity and objectivity of what the market is offering from its perspective.

7. Be careful what you project into the future because nothing has got the potential to create more misery and unhappiness than unfulfilled expectations.

8. To make money, trade without fear but also overconfidence.

9. The degree to which you think you know, or assume you know or need to know what is going to happen next, equals to the degree you will fail as a trader.

10. What you perceive in the market is limited to what you know less that what is blocked by fear.

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