1 lot futures versus same number on cash margin?

I've been following certain shares, for example DLF, which has a price fluctuation of about ten rupees between its high and low. The DLF lot is of 1000 shares, so if I buy at 365 and it goes up to 366, I still get a profit of Rs. 1000, though I think the STT and all will be around Rs. 300.

I asked my broker and he told me it is better not to get into futures, but to buy as much as possible on intraday margin. The advantage is that I can sell any number of shares from the margin trade, at different prices.

What I want to ask is about the charges. Lets not talk about different brokers charging different brokerages. Whichever broker you're trading with, what would the total charge be like if you bought a DLF lot at 365 and sold it at 367, versus buying and selling 1000 shares of DLF at the above mentioned prices from intraday margin?

Secondly, if you took delivery of the futures lot, would there be the same STT and taxes as when taking delivery of shares from the cash market?