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    Any one blessed with Zeebob's 5th and 6th EOD ?

    Friends if any one blessed with 5th(thursday) and 6th(friday) of August 2010 eod then plz send me - s k u m a r d a l a i at y a h o o d o t in In spite of several mails I'm unable to get a respond from them . thanks in advance. skd.
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    Zeebob Stock Screener Error

    Because of its low price I subscribed Zeebob stock screener but it turned out to be a nightmare ever since I used it. I tried several times to contact the owner but they never replied. Now that I had came to know about it from this website I need some help who might have used it. I'm getting...
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    Any one ripped off by zeebob stock screener pro like me?

    As software claims to pridict macd bullish crossover in next 3 days , I was tempted to buy but found it bogus. I still unable to believe it but want to confirm that anyone have such experience?