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    Traders let’s meet in Hyderabad

    You know what is the reason behind success of educational university or institute? They bring together people from all walks of life with common passion and then they nurture and feed them the level of knowledge they desire. Similarly, market is one common thread which attracted all of us...
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    Trading Guidelines for Me

    Trading Guidelines A great reminder against over analysis, and useless thinking process involving should / would / could have type of thinking. By Nifty Nirvana Blogger Smart Trader (Niranjanam) Thanks
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    Thinking that makes losses worse.

    Extract from 'The Disciplined Trader' by Mark Douglas If you are in a losing trade, the market could be moving farther and farther away from your entry point, increasing your potential loss by the moment. While this is happening, however, you may only be able to imagine it coming back in your...
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    Jake Bernstine quotes

    The essence of any trading system is not the system itself but its approach to risk management and the skill of the trader using the system. All traders, regardless of timeframe, should devote their energies to the following : Research and develop timing tools that have shown relatively...
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    Some Gems

    To have something you never had, you have got to be willing to do what you have never done before. No matter how good you are, you will loose 1/3rd of the time. No matter how bad you are, you will win 1/3rd of the time. It is the other 1/3rd that makes the difference. Intelligence consist...