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    How to detect weekly inside bar candle breakout in daily timeframe?

    I tried with code, that finds weekly inside bar with NR7. I need to detect where in daily, the candle breaks the range of weekly inside bar. I could not find the exact daily candle for that. Need some help on this.
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    EMA Crossovers for Weekly & Monthly Charts with Explorer

    Dear Seniors, I am riyadh from Bangladesh. I need weekly and monthly derivation for the following AFL. Thanks in Advance. _SECTION_BEGIN("STOCHA_RSI_EMA_SAR_4NP"); SetChartOptions(0,chartShowArrows|chartShowDates); _N(Title = StrFormat("{{NAME}} - {{INTERVAL}} {{DATE}} Open %g, Hi %g...
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    Explore Daily candle in a Weekly candle - Help

    Can someone help me write an AFL for the below condition? Condition (when AFL is 'Explored') to filter and display SCRIPS: (i) Weekly ROC % >= 25% (ii) The same Weekly candle needs to have at least one Daily ROC % as an Upper Circuit*. * Range has to be: a) 5% => 4.90 - 5% b) 10% => 9.50 -...
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    NSE TAME weekly charts missing data

    Hi I have been using NSE TAME for daily and weekly charts of FO data. The site is wonderful with no fee from the user though I cannot save previous settings. I noticed a strange issue or bug in weekly charts of FO scripts. The chart misses data of last Friday of the month into weekly...
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    Use of weekly indicators with daily data

    I've been exploring Metastock for some weeks, and of course I still have not finished. At this moment I'm working in testing some daily trading systems based on weekly and daily indicators. Is it possible in MetaStock? Could I make them work in just one test? Thanks in advance for your answer.