volume trading

  1. I

    what happens when buy and sell transactions exceed the actual volumes in the market

    Hi all, N00b here, Doing all sort of research before entering in real market (mainly for intra-day). While researching what all things can be avoided in an intraday trading scenario to minimize losses, this occurred to me and i can not figure out a proper resolution of my query- What...
  2. SwayamDas

    Significance of Volume inside the Trading Windows

    Hello Guys, what's the significance of the volume inside the trading window? Is it the number of shares available in the market? Or the total number of shares currently traded since market opening?
  3. S

    Evaluate my Margin Trading Technique plz

    After making considerable loss in Margin Trading Intraday...Now I wanna start right...So started paper trading now...Here's the technique I wanna follow and pl be aware I do not know to use charts and do not want to use one becoz, It is harder to automate the trade in later time (which I am...