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    Hello to Everyone

    hello everyone.. I see myself as a beginner in this trading world.. and I am desperate to know how all this work especially the online virtual trading section.. It would be very helpful for a beginner like me if you guys share some basic and important things of trading with me..
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    Merits Capital Market - online trading, nifty alert, share market news, mcx commoditi

    We specialize in broking activities related to Equities, Derivatives, Commodities and Currencies and own memberships of NSE-CM, NSE-FO, MCX & MCX-SX
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    International Trading championship

    Vinnex is organising VIC 2010 - First ever international virtual trading competition. Starting from 22nd march. Play now - Virtual stock exchange
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    Vinnex International Championship 2010

    Vinnoite Media is organising an international virtual trading competition - Vinnex International Championship 2010 from 22th March, 2010 to 16th April, 2010 with an aim of having students all across the world to compete on a single platform and polish their investing skills. This event will...