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    ADX EA - Vertex FX VTL script

    Hello, This is an mql EA converted to VTL script for Vertex FX platform. The ADX EA is an Average Directional Movement Index based trading system. The rules of the EA are: 1. Buy when +DI cross above - DI or +DI cross above ADX. 2. Sell when -DI cross above +DI or -DI cross Above...
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    Triple EMA Corssover EA - VetrexFX VTL script

    Hello, This is converted version of mq4 EA based on EMA cross over. The three EMAs are short term EMA, medium term EMA and long term EMA. When the short term EMA is above medium term EMA and medium term EMA is above long term EMA, the EA opens a buy position. When the short term EMA is below...
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    PTSP CCI Alert - VertexFX VTL Script

    Hello, This is a CCI alerts Indicator of the VertexFX trading platform. The CCI can be used to identify a new trend or warn of extreme conditions. The VTL pop up alerts on the chart at critical CCI levels and plays a sound. The indicator plots green and red vertical bars in the indicator pane...