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    Choosing a broker which provides margin on lots of scips on intraday

    hey guyz i just wanted to know that some brokers are providing just 200 scripts for day trading with margin and some are proving 1500 for day trading with margin (in the eq series nse) for example: zerodha : 216 scrips with margin rksv : 200 around scrips with margin trade smart...
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    About Ventura Trading Account (vs sharekhan)

    Dear All, I need your valuable suggestion regarding open an account at Ventura1 Securities. I already have an account in Sharekhan and presently my brokerage charge is 0.02%(Intraday) and 0.2% for delivery. Ventura is offering me to open account with brokerage charge 0.01% (intraday...
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    Margin requirement for selling a Strangle/Straddle

    Hi, If I want to write a Nifty out of money (OTM) call and OTM put how much margin I have to deposit? Presently, I am trading with Ventura Sec. As on 13th Aug 2010, Span margin for Nifty is Rs. 19,241, and, Ext Margin is 8129. So for one lot in future/writing one lot of call/one lot of...