value investing

  1. P

    COVID vaccine plays

    In the 2 weeks, Astra Zeneca shot up from 3200 to 4500, as news of its COVID vaccine progress kept market excited. In last couple of days, stock corrected sharply. I think it will raise doubts about whether there was insider info - of today’s announcement that the vaccine has issues, and will be...
  2. K

    Value investing in Mutual Funds

    Hi Friends, As on today(16.3.15), almost all the MF schemes are trading at a premium due to the bull run seen because of Modi govt. In such a period, how can one do VALUE investing in Mutual funds? Would be really thankful if some light can be thrown on this. Thanks Karuna
  3. Einstein

    Restoring Traders/Investors Faith into Investing

    Hi, starting new thread to encourage peoples to invest into stock market.
  4. A

    I am not a pro but want to become a investor

    Dear Friends, I am an engineer by profession working abroad. Want to become an investor. Hope I can get some help from this forum & able to help others too. I have done some trades till now but w/o any fundamental analysis. Now want to concentrate on fundamental analysis. Will let you know...
  5. M

    Value Buys

    Hi All, I am new to trading. I am trying to follow some principles based on "value investing". I am starting this thread to post ideas on "value buys". It will be great if people can add their own ideas to the same thread. Also please note I am an individual investor and not any broker...
  6. K

    new here

    hi, i go by the username kt and i am a new investor. i still do not have any area of specialty but i am drawn to value stocks and well protected bond offerings and an aversion to IPOs(this is because if the many stock market bubbles, the most dominant being the internet bubble). i am very...