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    Please Explore these Trades in USD/INR

    I'm testing currency trading at Zerodha and really confused with the amount I traded with just 6 buy and sell calls in USDINR. Please have a look at the image attached and try to explain the components.
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    Brokrage and leverage for currency trading

    Hey, I am new to TJ nd trading. I am a beginner and paper trading right now in USDINR pair. I want to switch to live account soon and want your help and suggestions regarding leverage provided by indian brokers. I have been searching and all the brokers advertise their brokerage but haven't...
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    Technical Indicators for USDINR

    Can anyone help me to develop a intraday trading strategy for USDINR currency trading. I searched in the forum, but couldn't find a helpful thread.
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    USDINR 1min historical data

    Hi Friends, I am pretty new to this forum. Was astounded by the level of sharing of knowledge taking place and this is my two cents as thanks :) USDINR 1 min historical data from Aug 12 to March 13 I have deliberately given the data in csv format so that traders might use it in their...
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    Trading on BFX USDINR Index Futures

    Has anybody tried trading on the recently launched BFX USDINR Index Futures? This is launched by Bahrain Financial Exchange ( It seems to offer a unique way of trading on the Us dollar versus the Indian Rupee currency, since the contract is traded like an index with a direct...
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    How to view historical prices of expired options?

    Can anyone please tell me how can I view historical prices of expired options? I am looking historical prices of both Nifty Options and Currency USDINR Options.
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    currency trading

    hai friends i am new for this group i am currency trader in inr base from last year , happy to share all about i know and also learn thank you :thumb: