1. R

    Need help with AFL for Exploration - Urgent

    Hello Everyone, I am new to coding and I have been struggling with a very basic requirement of mine. I need the AFL code for an exploration that will read "Bull" when the +DI crosses the -DI and ADX (range 14) is going above 25. Similarly to read "Bear" when the -DI crosses the +DI and ADX...
  2. RS2330

    S o s

    Fellow Traders Please help me find a solution to this Dilemna - wherein I believed implicitly that the Bulls shall rule NIFTY forever when it attained a golden great figure of near 8622 - I purchased 4 lots of NIFTY8600CE at 85.65, 4 lots at 81.00, 4 lots at 78.00, another 4 lots at 73.00...
  3. G

    trading from cellphone anyone

    dear members i am an active trader however i can not carry my laptop at my workplace can i use a cellphone for this.... can u suggest an internet enabled cellphone that can be used for trading i use reliancemoney which runs only on ie6 and above and needs java enabled.. to the best of...