uptrend; trend

  1. mlg

    Stock made a new high an din uptrend, but MACD is low

    Hi, For lat 2-3 days, IOC is in uptrend and made a new high at 385. But its MACD is at 4.75. But IOC made a high at 386 on 8th April 2015. At that time, MACD was at 8.66. As per my knowledge, if stock makes a new high and MACD is not making a new high means, the uptrend is going to over in a...
  2. A

    AFL code to find stock swhich are in uptrend or downtrend

    Dear All, I am looking for AFL code which will scan through the list of stocks and identify which stocks are in continuous uptrend or downtrend for 7 or more number of days. If the days are selectable, that will be more helpful. For example, I want to find which are the stocks that are...