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    Trend Lines . Help me to edit a little to use both over 5m and 15m

    Hi everybody. I have this code "Parallel Trend Lines". But it was only usable on chart D. Can anybody help me to be able to use both on 5m and 15m chart with. Thanks very much!!! // Parallel lines defined by the automatic support and the HighestBetween point x = Cum(1);per = 3;s1=L;s11=H; pS =...
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    Dear Friends, I believe trendline is a power tool in Technical Analysis. I am a learner and my main aim is to use trendline only for decisions in trading. I am requesting the Senior, respectable traders to share their knowledge, ideas on trendlines in this thread. So it will be helpful...
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    Channel surfing

    Hi frnds, I am going through "Channel surfing riding the waves" book by Michael Parsons. I am unable understand 3 qualifying factors of Aggressive Entry. Can anybody help me. Thanks in advance, Lakshmi
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    Plotting LineArray to draw trend lines - Help.

    Hi all, I got a reference code for drawing trend lines. Can somebody help draw line ('LineArray' function) by joining the recent 2 points of HHs (as well as HHs, LLs, HLs, LHs by individual lines). Also requirement is to join 2 points alone and not to extend more than recent 2 points...
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    Chart Features

    Hi, I am looking for a free software with following features to analyse Indian stock market (NSE & BSE) * Compare stocks in my portfolio in a chart (trend line) on different time frame (day/month/years) * Compare a stock with corresponding sector in a chart (trend line) on different time...