trend line

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    Dear Friends, I believe trendline is a power tool in Technical Analysis. I am a learner and my main aim is to use trendline only for decisions in trading. I am requesting the Senior, respectable traders to share their knowledge, ideas on trendlines in this thread. So it will be helpful...
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    Channel surfing

    Hi frnds, I am going through "Channel surfing riding the waves" book by Michael Parsons. I am unable understand 3 qualifying factors of Aggressive Entry. Can anybody help me. Thanks in advance, Lakshmi
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    Plotting LineArray to draw trend lines - Help.

    Hi all, I got a reference code for drawing trend lines. Can somebody help draw line ('LineArray' function) by joining the recent 2 points of HHs (as well as HHs, LLs, HLs, LHs by individual lines). Also requirement is to join 2 points alone and not to extend more than recent 2 points...
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    Chart Features

    Hi, I am looking for a free software with following features to analyse Indian stock market (NSE & BSE) * Compare stocks in my portfolio in a chart (trend line) on different time frame (day/month/years) * Compare a stock with corresponding sector in a chart (trend line) on different time...