transaction charge

  1. MewarLion

    Overcharging ‘Exchange Transaction Fee’ by Many Brokers in India

    Yes, you heard it right. Most stock brokers in India are charging higher Exchange Transaction Fee than what stock exchanges allows them to charge. To understand how they are doing this lets get in to detail of it. Professional Clearing Member Fee (PCM Fee or Clearing Transaction Charges) All...
  2. E

    Increase of transaction cost in mcx

    Hi experts As all of you know that in new budget government have imposed 0.01 % ctt on commodity trading. Up to 31st march 2013 it was charged as 450/- on one car ore turnover. Now it will become 1000+450= 1450. I have been trading in Mcx silver and my broker is RK global. Cost of brokerage...
  3. N

    Nonstandard charging of Transaction/turnover charges

    Why is that every broker is charging a different %age as transaction charges? For example, the transaction charge per lakh on the turnover by MCX is as follows (from their business rules documentation): Transaction fee (per Rs. 1 lac of turnover value) is required to be paid by the members...