trading software

  1. ajeetsingh

    Excels for Help, in trading !!!

    Here I will post some excels, which will help in taking Buy/Sell decisions and zeroing the stocks to trade. As you all know, its always better to club any system with indicators, before entering the trade and this applies here as well !!! so take decision wisely, enter only if you have atleast...
  2. A

    Trading software

    Many people have idea that only skilled and experienced Forex traders can competently make use of this software. But, common people can also make use of it as forex trading software products come with a robot training system. A robot trading system provides you all the knowledge pertaining to...
  3. S

    trading softwares for options, stocks

    :clap: There are many parties in market for trading software for trading guidance but I have not used any. Those who know it please guide details and prices.
  4. P

    Trading software & Portfolio

    1) My trading experience about 10 years, i am drading in mostly A group delivery base only. 2 I have been investing since 10 years and trading in the markets.My area of interest is IPO and secondary market. i dont do in F & 0. 3) Generally I take decision by going through the financial...
  5. H

    Tech Analysis Software

    Hey Guys, I am new to trading and am looking to invest in NSE equity with some tech analysis knowledge that I have got and willing to improve the knowledge over time. Currently I am based in Sydney and have been trading successfully in ASX equity with the software that I was provided by my...
  6. S

    Which software to use for automation with IB TWS API

    I am interested to know if anyone has experience of using IB TWS API with an Automated Trading capable software on an Indian Exchange. I tried NinjaTrader but it simply does not get feed from IB. Am checking out Amibroker now. Anyone know of any other software that can do this for Indian...
  7. D

    Market visualization software

    For the last few weeks, I have been working on a market visualization software. I call it Pluto. The intention is to make it open source/free as soon as it reaches a stable baseline. The target users for Pluto are new entrants into the Indian stock market and need free software to visualize...