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    India Info Line Trading Charges

    I'm a little confused about how the trading takes place and what India infoline charges. Yesterday I sold my MBL shares. When I placed the order to sell, the price was at 353.05 and I got a confirmation message from SEBI for this to. But later the message from India Info Line showed that the...
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    A novice

    Although I have been into stock trading for well over 3 decades I consider myself a novice since my operations are experimental. I trade in the cash market as also in derivatives. Although I am told by many that options trading is easier and more profitable, the few occasions I have tried them...
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    Stamp Duty Charges in Trading

    My area of operation is Punjab, my broker is charging me 0.05% ( Rs 50 per 1,00,000/-) stamp duty on Intra Day Trades as well as Delivery Based Trades on both sides of trades. I have come to know in Maharashtra it is 0.002% ( Rs 2 per 1,00,000/-). Can some tell me if I am being charged correctly...