trading automation

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    Little intro to Sasankm

    Hi Guys, I am Sasank, managing the business analysis and product management operations of a multi-national software organisation who make s/w for global trading community. Our operations span across the globe and cover asset classes as varied as Eq, Commodities, Currency and their...
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    Expert Advisor

    I have a system which i want to implement using Expert Advisor of MetaStock. The Expert Advisor is Giving Buy and Sell Signals. The Problem is that After 1 Buy Signal I want to Display the Corresponding Sell Signal .. In Between The Buy and Sell Signal I want to ignore other Buy...
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    Best trading platform for Automated trading

    Hi All, I was wondering which is the best trading platform to automate the trade. I am using ICICI direct and find it is hard to automate... Is there any platform which exposes api for automation. Say I should be able to place trades and square off depending on the signals generated by...