1. Wisdom Capital

    Wisdom Capital Requests PM Intervention Against Impugned Peak Margin Circular

    Hello Traders, As you all are well aware that the recent impugned SEBI circular, dated 20th July, 2020, has taken a toll on all of us and that we, at Wisdom Capital, have challenged it in the court by filing a writ petition as well. The legal process is underway and we hope to get the unjust law...
  2. D

    Assistance in share trading

    We are into share trading, but once in a while we come across a hitch and need assistance to solve the same. We need an experienced, dedicated, direct person on a paid basis to assist us on a more deeper level. For example like Algo Trading.
  3. R

    Traders let’s meet in Hyderabad

    You know what is the reason behind success of educational university or institute? They bring together people from all walks of life with common passion and then they nurture and feed them the level of knowledge they desire. Similarly, market is one common thread which attracted all of us...
  4. L

    Traders from mumbai / navi mumbai area

    Any traders from mumbai/navi mumbai area wishing to connect let me know.
  5. G

    Opening Demat account

    Hiiii friends, I am newbie in trading. I want to open a demat account for trading purpose .I am confuse where i should open the demat account as in market there are many account available and i starting trading i wont be investing big amount . So please help me