1. T

    Senior Members please help

    Senior Members, Please help with this. I have come up with a methodology as described below. Everyday after 30 minutes of market open I am calculating 2 levels say level1 and level2 If today close is going to be above today open then, I can predict the high value of the stock/index. (or) else...
  2. rahulsharma17

    Making the best use of Traderji

    Let us know the best usage of Traderji Forums. This thread is to discuss how to make use of Traderji to solve innumerable queries of the participants.
  3. T


    Hiiiiii, I am new here. Please guide me. I am interested in trading and stock market industry. I am student of CA and want to groom myself in this industry. I registered here because I know you are best trading forum site. kindly help me.
  4. DiwaliCrackers

    How to acheive target 10 Lac in 1 year

    Hey Guys, I want to achieve my target as 10 lac before 1 Jan 2012 with moderate risk capacity. My initial investment is: 2 Lac in Equity Shares. and monthly capacity is around 18k.... Please let me know, how i can achieve my target , through legal way and moderate risk :)
  5. P

    Traderji Meetup - BANGALORE

    Dear users, I am an IT professional with interest in Stocks.. Can we meet up at specific location & discuss old/new things on Sharemarket. I plan to have Traderji (Unofficial) meet with pure intention of learning more about stocks, commodities, gold investment etc. We can have...
  6. T

    First Traderji Post

    Hi Traderji forum users, I am Triguna and interested to know more about Trading and its details. I have been trading in the stock market for about 3 years by now but not very well equipped to this market. Now I am planning to invest on any of the market like Stock, Commodities or so on. I...
  7. U

    Uday, technical analyst

    1) Am trading in market since 2 years and saw ups and downs in the market. :thumb: 3) Am interested in trading in equities and investing now and then based on the trend of the stock. 4) In early days of trade, I used lots of softwares for assistance. But they failed to give me the accurate...