1. timepass

    How about a "Grievance" sub-forum ?

    Hi TJ, How about having a "Grievances" sub-forum in "Community Centre" section ? We often have members who want to vent, and we rightly delete those posts. But also often we have other members responding to the offender and then it snowballs. Sometimes even old useful members go off...
  2. iwillwin


    Where do you see usdinr settle in Dec month contract 66 - 66.3 66.31 - 66.6 66.61 - 66.9 66.91 - 67.2
  3. timepass

    Timepass's notes

    Some useful links (bookmarks) Market reading, analysis, projections : SH's 315 Strategy, SKFC Sudoku's Predictions S.S - Food for thought Kavima's Median Lines / Andrew's Pitchfork Predictions for Forex and other markets : By 4xpipcounter N_arvind's calls...