1. S

    Does value of O H L C changes with beginning of next candlestick ?

    Given in the screenshot there is a O H L C value highlighted under red colour. My question: Is the value changed with upcoming of next candlestick ? Please give in yes/no with one sentence answer... it will be enough for me. Thanks !
  2. punam.fintrade

    Timeframe for Swing Trading ?

    Hi Friends, Can you please help, what Timeframe should be used to check Swing Trade Trend, and which Timeframe should be used to Enter / Exit the Market ? I use Technical Analysis Tools along with Chart Patters and Candlestick Patterns. Regards, Adi.
  3. Sagarocks432

    Timframe in Afl Function.

    Hello Guys, I am using following code for intraday scanning , it works fine. But when I want to use it for Daily , I am unable to code this please help. function MyMTFfunc( timeframe, expandmode ) { TimeFrameSet( timeframe ); a = StochK( periods = 14, ksmooth = 3 ); b =...
  4. X

    Half TimeFrame on Amibroker

    Hi folks, Is there a way to plot or divide data of a given array in time, for example Volume but in Half of a TimeFrame ? Let's say, I'm planning to use a system or just plot by example; Volume for every half or a given month, not just a simple reference from 15 days back to actual volume. Is...