tick data

  1. D

    Tick by tick chart for nifty/banknifty intraday

    I am a full time intermediate trader who recently came across this thing called "tick by tick chart" for intraday, it seems like a lot of professional traders across the globe use this over conventional time based charts. So I was wondering if there is any trader out here on this forum who can...
  2. R

    Does any vendor provides TRUE TICK DATA for NSE?

    Hi all, For tick data, I have tried trial version of true data and downloaded sample of globalfeed. 1. Truedata only provides volume and timestamp for tick data 2. Global feed provides last traded volume along with last traded price. But both of them misses to provide whether the trade was buy...
  3. trendtrade

    NSE Tick Data - Best Offer

    Hello Friends I am looking to purchase the TICK Data for NSE "Futures and Options Segment" which will include the tick data for all the futures and option contracts that are traded at NSE on a daily basis. Such data is being sent in the evening emails to the respective subscribers of GFDL and...
  4. K

    tick data problem

    Anyone here using eSignal tick charts? I am having a problem with tick data. Charts are not uploading in realtime. Is there a problem with me alone or everyone? If any of you have eSignals data, can you open tick chart and check please. thanks Karuna