technical indicators

  1. punam.fintrade

    Book on Technical Indicators ( MACD, RSI etc ) - Construction and Working of Indicators in Stock Market ?

    Friends, I need a comprehensive book on Technical Indicators ( eg, MACD, RSI etc ). Where they explain how the indicators are constructed and how it is used to trade in the market. I have read few of the books on Technical Analysis where they skim through this section. I need information in...
  2. A

    Understanding the chart/indicators

    Dear Friends, Im new to this forum and its good to see lots of helping hands here. Im looking for some help to understand the indicators and the signals on the afl that I use. Apart from the buy sell signal there are few more information that is available in this chart. Can any one help me...
  3. T

    Can anyone suggest any free charting software?

    hello, fellow traders, iam wishing to know and use charts for intraday trading. I need realtime charting softwares which can be used to add technical indicators also. please provide the software names so that i and also fellow traders can also benefit from the charting services...