technical alert builder

  1. MCXgain

    Amibroker Exploration Help

    Hi I'm trying to create an ami exporation AFl which will scan stock for "intraday fall from high" and "intraday recovery from low". The section is supposed to scan for % change and provide net % change value with color. Its showing no value instead. Would be grateful if I could find some help...
  2. Debarghya Mukherjee

    Free Customized Trading Platform with Real time data

    Hello all my Trading friends, I wanted to make a free of cost trading platform for the traderji Users, who doesn't have real time data feed. I saw some threads are there, but there was no solution. I have computer science background. So I decided to make one for myself first. So here in this...
  3. T

    Technical indicator alerts in ODIN

    I am using the ODIN software for my trading , provided by RK global, on the menu there is a Charts tab which has an technical alert builder which is not active. I would like to know how to make it active or do we have an active technical indicator builder on platforms provide by other...