techincal analysis

  1. M

    Is Downtrend Starts ?..Technical View

    Is downtrend starts.. I hope so.. See Support @ 6300..What you think..Members please give Technical View ?
  2. M

    How to predict the ending of a trend

    Is there any indicator and techniques (no moving averages) to predict the ending of a trend (up or down)
  3. simple trader1

    diary of a simple trader1

    hello friends ,i'm sterted new thread diary of simple trader my self education diary for virtual trade on commodity and equity market:):);)
  4. P

    Calculating gold eod prices when current future contract ends and next month contract

    Dear friend, Help me in calculating seamless end of the day prices from mcx future prices for charting. Switching current month contract prices to future month at end of the month creates jump in charts,Because of the premium in next month contract. Thanks in advance, Jay
  5. A

    Hi to everyone in this wonderfull forum...

    Hi to everyone... I have been investing in stocks for the past 9 months .. and have made some decent profits also.. I do swing trading basically and am into tech. Analysis.. My area of interest is Equity.. I make my trading decisions based on tech analysis and have found them working well so...
  6. A

    Discuss, backtest & implement pivot based trading systems here

    Dear all, Scope and purpose of this thread is to discuss, backtest and implement pivot based entry-exit-money management and position sizing systems. To start with, I have coded a system in Amibroker for entry-exit and money management by drawing inspiration from Saint and Karthikmarar...