tax saving

  1. shubhamchugh

    Need help regarding Demat account & tax saving

    Hi all, I want to start investing in equity market. Please help me regarding these queries- 1) If I invest 1,50000 Rs. in equity market, that amount will be exempted from taxes. Am I right? 2) If yes, then how would the tax exemption be calculated in my scenario - * I got the job in August &...
  2. G

    Can I show SIP to save my tax?

    Can I show SIP to save my tax like insurance policy? What is the difference between tax saver fund and growth funds?
  3. V

    Free Tax Planning Guide 2011

    Tax deduction has been started, and people who have not done Tax planning last year, are suffering. Its very necessary for all of us to plan for our finance, and Taxes. Many people earn a handsome amount of money but doesn't know, where to invest or how to save tax on your income, so it is very...
  4. V

    5 tax-planning tips for salaried individuals

    With the tax-planning season about to end, most individuals are rushing around to make investments to minimize their tax liability. It has been observed that individuals (often salaried ones) end up paying more taxes than they are obligated to. While lack of sufficient time to conduct the...