tax on shares

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    Good broker for high frequency trading

    I want to trade in high frequency mode (100-200 trades a day) using DOM(Depth of Market) or Price Ladder. Each trade is going to be around 5-10 seconds long where I am looking to capture about 0.03-0.5% at max. I have paper traded and found this method of trading highly accurate and this is...
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    Stock Portfolio Closing Balance

    Hello Members of Traderji, Merry Christmas! This is a query regarding the stock portfolio closing balance at the time of filing tax return. The person am dealing with, for filing the tax return, insists on having the list of stocks as closing balance. He says that I must buy and...
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    Tax on share market trading for salaried

    Hello, I am a new/part-time trader, and I guess I was not ready for the tax filing implications. I have been to various forums and different threads have me confused. I have listed my queries below, which I believe would be useful for others as well. If someone could reply to those point by...